Michael Frank

Modular Homes and Prefab Homes Companies in Louisiana

Michael Frank
Modular Homes and Prefab Homes Companies in Louisiana

The humid summers and subtropical climate of Louisiana can make home construction a tough endeavor for any company. In this case, prefab homes can be a great option, as they are built in a weatherproof factory setting and quickly assembled on-site at your chosen location. They also are typically very well insulated which can result in major savings on A/C costs. These companies serve New Orleans, Baton Rouge and the rest of the state.

Ma Modular

  • Offers 12 contemporary style homes, ranging in size from 550 sqft to 2300 sqft.

  • All-in-cost: $165 - $250 per sqft


Alchemy Architects

  • Offers 3 home designs, though the main feature is their weeHouse, a rectangular unit that can be configured in a number of ways to achieve a custom design.

  • All-in-cost: $250 - $490 per sq ft



  • Has 3 single-story luxury home models, small enough for use as a pool house, studio, or ADU.

  • All-in-cost: $780 - $800 per sq ft


Acorn Deck House Company

  • With over 70 years of experience and 59 model designs, this company builds a variety of different home styles and sizes.

  • All-in-cost: $290 - $420 per sq ft



  • Newer home builder with 9 models of luxury homes to choose from, ranging from 624 sqft to 3900+ sqft.

  • All-in-cost: $410 - $500+ per sqft


Deltec Homes

  • Has over 10 models of cylindrical homes, featuring multi-story decks and 360 degree views.

  • All-in-cost: $180 - $400 per sqft



  • Makes 10 environmentally sustainable models ranging from 160 sqft to 1500 sqft.

  • All-in-cost: $280 - $400 per sq ft


Turkel Design

  • As well-known designer, Turkel has 11 models of beautifully designed and crafted luxury homes.

  • All-in-cost: $350 - $550+ per sqft


Stillwater Dwellings

  • Has over 26 models, most featuring a signature slanted roof and contemporary design.

  • All-in-cost: $350 - $450 per sqft