Prefab Review
Prefab Review

Prefab Concierge

Let the experts help you build your prefab dream home for free (and save hundreds of hours of research and annoyance)

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Find Your Perfect Plan

We help you narrow down the home plan of your choice from the most trusted prefab and modular manufacturers, based on your preferences and budget.

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Meet Your Budget and Financial Goals

We provide you a custom financial model with expected costs, ROI, and timing of the project.

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Acquire Land and Get Financing

We provide you details and support to help you find the land and financing needed to make your project viable.



Find Your Perfect Plan

Let us know your preferences (size, style, location, budget, financial goals, etc.) and we’ll use our proprietary tools to help you narrow down your choices and find the perfect home plan for you. This will save you tens of hours!


Meet Your Budget and Financial Goals

Building prefab can be a great way to create wealth or get a dream home for less. We provide you a realistic financial model tailored to your situation to help you understand the risks and upside of building a prefab or modular house.


Acquire Land and Get Financing

We recommend real estate agents and brokers who are experts at finding land and tear downs for prefab new construction projects, and we can suggest lenders who are experienced at underwriting and providing financing for prefab and modular new construction projects. We can also give you an idea of what the terms we normally see in the market place are.



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Notes & FAQs

Why are you offering this service?

Our goal is to try to make the process of buying a prefab or modular home easier and this is one way to do it. Our tools and expertise will help potential buyers save time and money and make better decisions.

How can you offer this service for free?

We think that some real estate brokers and lenders will pay us a “marketing fee” to be an option that we let buyers know about. They will do this because they eventually make money if you use them to purchase real estate or take out a loan. Note that we would never let you know about a lender or real estate agent or broker that we did not think was high quality and would lead to a great experience for you.

Are you a real estate, mortgage broker, or financial advisor?

Thanks for asking. Our lawyer is very happy for us to clarify that we are not a real estate or mortgage broker or financial advisor. We do our best to provide educational content to help buyers make informed decisions, but nothing you receive from us should be considered “advice” from a registered financial advisor or mortgage or real estate broker. We may provide access to real estate brokers, lenders, or mortgage brokers who are qualified to provide advice and assist you with your transactions, but your relationship for each of those transactions is directly with those parties.

Do I have any obligation or cost for filling out the form and speaking with someone from the Prefab Concierge team?

Nope. We do not charge any money for any services at any point, and you can work with whomever you like. If you do schedule a call with us, please do show up though :-).