Prefab Review
Prefab Review

How We Calculate Costs

While we often provide ranges when it comes to costs, except when otherwise noted, our typical cost figures are an estimate for the all costs associated with building a home including the plans and installing it and connecting it on a normal flat lot in one of the most expensive areas of the United States, such as the San Francisco Bay Area. This does not include the cost of acquiring the land or landscaping.

Please note that if you live in a less expensive area, the costs could be significantly less than our range and if you have an incredibly difficult site (e.g. on a private island, on a major slope, etc.), the costs could be higher. Shipping distance can also be a significant cost variable for building with some manufacturers.

Our estimates are calculated by speaking with the architects, manufacturers, and builders as well as reviewing company’s pricing collateral and talking with customers and industry experts.

We are proud of our estimates, but before agreeing to a project or buying a piece or raw land, you should do your own diligence about pricing and costs.


If you think we have made a mistake with any of our cost estimates, have a question, or just want to share your experience building a prefab or modular home or getting quotes, send us a message below.

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