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Cocoon9 Review

Michael Frank
Cocoon9 Review

Cocoon9 is a New York based modular home builder who assembles and delivers their small prefab luxury homes anywhere across the United States. The small spaces are structured out of shipping containers, but come with a variety of upgraded amenities such as an app-controlled entertainment system, a see-through ethanol fireplace, a smart-glass shower window, and foldaway furniture. Cocoon9 completes the construction of the unit in-house and delivers it to your build site. Buyers are responsible for hiring a local contractor who will prepare foundation and complete the installation and final site work. From project beginning to move-in, the entire process can take as little as 4 months.

The structures are rectangular in shape, but come in a contemporary style, complete with adaptable spaces, an entire wall of glass windows, and the option of a rooftop garden. This makes the houses suitable as stylish pool houses, offices, or additional housing units. Cocoon9 offers three different models, ranging from 160 sq ft or 480 sq ft.


  • Fast Turnaround - From conception to final set-up, the process can take as little as 4 months time

  • Luxury Amenities - Options include plenty of high-end cabinetry, flooring, or technology, and exterior additions — including a beautiful rooftop garden

  • Attractive - structures a very elegant with lots of glass and a modern aesthetic

Reasons they may not be for you:

  • You plan on living in a harsh environment unsuitable for a flat-top roof

  • High price - at $480 per sqft before delivery and site work, Cocoon9’s have a luxury price point

For more information, such as photos, reviews, and ratings, or to check Cocoon9 cost and pricing, keep reading below.

Company Cocoon9
Year Founded 2012
Website http://cocoon9.com/
# of Models 3
Areas Served United States
Homes Built 12+
Headquarters New York, NY
Pricing $780 - $800 per sq ft
Yelp No Reviews
Houzz 5 Stars
Creates Custom Plans No