Michael Frank

Drop Structures Review

Michael Frank
Drop Structures Review

Drop structures is a modular home builder based out of Alberta, able to ship completely assembled units to buyers across North America. The company’s main product is the Mono, a single room structure meant as an add-on for those who need a little bit of extra space that isn’t attached to their home. The founders of Drop Structure wanted to develop an easy ‘plug-n-play’ purchase process, and this is reflected in all aspects of the home installation. The entire Mono unit is assembled in-house and delivered in one piece. Once it reaches the final destination, the only on-site work is placing the structure and plugging in the single 15 amp circuit.

The Mono is a blend of modern style, featuring high ceilings, a four foot patio, and their signature floor-to-ceiling windows on two opposing walls. The unit starts at 109 sq ft, but buyers can request add-ons, such as more space, a bathroom, or a kitchen. Drop Structures also works with clients to create custom spaces for retail, offices, and more.


  • No Permit Required - The standard Mono model is so small and it doesn’t have any plumbing, eliminating the need for a permit in most areas.

  • Turnkey - The entire unit is delivered in one piece, leaving only the placement of the unit to complete installation.

  • Variety of Uses - These units have no plumbing, which makes them ideal as home offices or gyms.

Reasons they may not be for you:

  • You are looking for a much bigger house, for use as an ADU.

To dive into company facts, photos, and reviews, or to look into Drop Structures cost and pricing, keep reading below.

Company Drop Structures
Year Founded 2017
Website www.dropstructures.ca
# of Models 1
Areas Served US and Canada
Homes Built 20+
Headquarters Alberta, Canada
Pricing $323 per sq ft
Yelp No Reviews
Houzz No Reviews
Creates Custom Plans Yes