Michael Frank

Modular Homes and Prefab Homes Companies in Massachusetts (MA)

Michael Frank
Modular Homes and Prefab Homes Companies in Massachusetts (MA)

Massachusetts does not have access to all of the cutting edge prefab and modular homes companies from the west coat, but they do still have a good selection of companies including a number of strong regional companies. The high cost of construction in the Boston area makes prefab homes a cost competitive option and the high climate bills from New England weather means that choosing a durable environmentally friendly prefab model could result in significant savings in energy cost and upkeep. Here is our continuously updated list of the the leading prefab and modular housing companies building and delivering houses in Massachusetts.


GoHome by Go Logic

  • Builds 11 homes ranging from 600 to 2500 sq ft, each of which are passive (environmentally efficient)

  • All-in-cost: $230 - $350 per sq ft



Millbrook Modular Homes

  • Sells tens of homes, many of which have a New England feel to their design. Each house has a 10-year warranty

  • All-in-cost: $120 - $275



Deltec Homes

  • Has 10 models in two collections including their notable circular hurricane proof homes

  • All-in-cost: $175 - $300 per sqft



Proto Homes

  • Has 120 floor plans from 2,000 to 4,000 sqft, all of which have a modern rectangular look

  • All-in-cost: $200 - $300 per sqft




  • New, luxury homemaker with 9 models, all of which are passive, modern, and boxy, with sizes ranging from small adu’s to large 4000 sqft luxury homes

  • All-in-cost: $300 - $450+ per sqft



Stillwater Dwellings

  • Has 26 floor plans, most of which have stylistic, inwardly slanted roofs

  • All-in-cost $350 - $450 per sqft


Huntington Homes

  • Offers 100+ stock designs with the option for custom designs, has built 500 homes on Nantucket alone

  • All-in-cost: $160 - $275+ per sqft