Matt Knigge

MEKA Modular Review

Matt Knigge
MEKA Modular Review

MEKA Modular is a prefab home designer and manufacturer with a specialty in contemporary, modular homes. The standard home designs from MEKA Modular are largely modern and feature sleek lines and many large windows. Buyers are not limited to these standard plans however, as MEKA Modular gives buyers the option to personalize certain finishes of their home or create a custom design all together. The modules that MEKA utilizes to construct their homes follow standard shipping container dimensions - this means that their homes can easily be shipped throughout the United States and in some cases, worldwide. 

When considering the scope of service for MEKA Modular, it is worth noting that they are full-service company for projects in California and New York State. This means that in addition to conducting an initial design consultation, manufacturing and shipping your home, they also work with buyers to complete necessary site work, lay a foundation, and finish the install of the modules once they are delivered. Projects located outside of these two states will need to work with an outside contractor for these aspects however, MEKA Module aims to create “plug and play” modules that can be easily adjoined and installed by a general contractor once they are delivered. 



  • Offer modern homes at affordable prices

  • Homes can be delivered to almost all areas

Reasons they might not be for you:

  • You want a home design that is not boxy in appearance

  • You live outside of CA or NY and want a full-service company

To view more information, such as photos and MEKA Modular ratings and reviews or to learn about MEKA Modular cost and pricing, keep reading below.

Company MEKA Modular
Year Founded 2009
# of Models 13
Areas Served United States (Full-service in CA and NY)
Homes Built 75
Headquarters Toronto, Ontario
Pricing $170 - $390+ per sqft
Yelp No Reviews
Houzz No Reviews
Creates Custom Plans Yes