Michael Frank

Connect Homes Review

Michael Frank
Connect Homes Review

If you’re based in California and want a beautiful modern-looking home, Connect Homes may have a model that is a good fit for your. Their aesthetically appealing modern homes come in 13 different model, each with a modern look with lots of windows, square angles and a flat roof.


Connect offers a fairly all-in-one process. They help the owner with all the planning, design and local permitting as well as finding a local GC who will do the post delivery finishing up of the home.


Connect Homes are built in a highly insulated and energy efficient way. They are built out of a factory in San Bernardino, California so it appears that the company primarily serves the state of California as shipping is less expensive to the these areas.



  • Very aesthetically pleasing

  • Great layouts and floor plans for ADU and small house situations

  • Environmentally friendly


Reasons they might not be for you:

  • You’re located on the east coast of the U.S. or somewhere else far from California

  • You don’t want a relatively flat roof - for example, you’re in an area with a lot of snow


You can view facts about the company, see scores from popular review sites, learn about Connect Homes cost and pricing, as well as view photos of some Connect Models below.

Company Connect Homes
Year Founded 2009
Website http://connect-homes.com/
# of Models 13
Areas Served Primarily California, but technically they deliver nationwide
Homes Built 40+
Headquarters Los Angeles, CA
Pricing $250 - $400 per sqft
Yelp No Reviews
Houzz 5 stars
Creates Custom Plans No