Michael Frank

Proto Homes Review

Michael Frank
Proto Homes Review

Proto Homes is a highly modern prefab and modular home company serving the Los Angeles area. They are different from other high end prefab companies in a couple of distinct ways. First of all, Proto Homes are somewhat loft in that they are essentially large open spaces on the inside and the walls can be configured flexibly. Second, Proto Homes do have a one room control center of sorts where most all the technology and systems of the homes sit called The Proto Core.


Proto Homes are also notable in that they build and finish the exterior of the house and have full interior plans, but they leave the interior installation (beyond core systems) and customization to contractors. Proto Homes has 120 plans, many of which are for larger homes of 3500 sqft or more. The aesthetic is decidedly modern looking with horizontal paneling.



  • Lots of larger floor plans

  • Highly configurable interior

  • Plans a good fit for suburban and city lots


Reasons they might not be for you:

  • You’re not in Southern California

  • You don’t like the aesthetic

  • You want the interior and exterior fully completed by the same firm


Keep reading for facts about company, ratings and reviews, pricing and cost information, and photos.

Company Proto Homes
Year Founded 2007
Website http://www.protohomes.com/about-us/
# of Models 120
Areas Served Greater L.A. area
Homes Built 20+
Headquarters Los Angeles, CA
Pricing $200 - $300 per sqft (all-in). Proto Homes exterior is $160 per sqft
Yelp 2.5 Stars
Houzz No Reviews
Creates Custom Plans No