Michael Frank

The Best Modern Prefab Homes

Michael Frank
The Best Modern Prefab Homes

Here’s our list of the best modern prefab and modular homes. Many prefab homes today are modern and beautiful. Being state of the art can mean lots of things including using modern modular building techniques that result in energy savings, modern technology including solar energy, power wall, and smart appliances, and houses which have a modern aesthetic.


Take a look at our picks and let us know if you think we missed anything.


Acre Series B

  • Mid-century modern aesthetic

  • 2-4 bedrooms depending on exact floor plan

  • Net zero home that includes super insulated walls,

  • Smart home including smart locks, shades, thermostat, and Tesla Powerwall

  • Pricing: starts at $425k

  • Location: Currently only building houses in Northern California




Dvele Vind

  • Small carbon footprint with solar roof, emergency power, radiant heat and highly insulated windows

  • Smart doors and garages and remote home access

  • Mesh network for wifi

  • Most appliances are voice-activated

  • Pricing: modular home price only starts at $652k

  • Location: building nationwide


Dvele vind modern modular house.jpg


Proto Homes Plan 4.1

  • 3,500, 4 bedroom floor plan

  • Includes Proto Core - Proto Home’s internal closet that houses all operating systems for the home from internet to HVAC

  • Security enabled

  • Pricing: $600k, which doesn’t include interior finishing

  • Location: Appears to primarily serve southern California


proto homes 4.1 modern home.jpg