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TruForm Tiny Review

Michael Frank
TruForm Tiny Review

TruForm Tiny is a certified RV/travel trailer tiny home builder based out of Eugene, Oregon. They have crafted a selection of attractive, modern customizable tiny homes that are constructed on travel trailer chassis for easy maneuverability. TruForm Tiny has an online design tool, which lets users select base models, adding on various features to the overall building plan. The tool updates the total estimate after each new addition to keep track of the overall project budget.

Depending on layout preferences, there are three styles to choose from: Payette, Kootenay, or Verve. Unit sizes range from 16 to 28ft long and  150 sqft 210 sqft in total and models have one or two bed areas. Each collection is decorated with the Urban, Cottage / Cabin, or Country exterior, with the exception of the Verve and Verve Lux series, which feature their own customizable colors.


  • Mobility - These houses or business are completely mobile — as long as you have the proper towing vehicle or truck, this building moves with you.

  • Beautiful and modern - Truform structures are elegant looking and embrace modern energy efficiency

  • Low site costs - because these homes are mobile, don’t require a foundation

Reasons this may not be right for you:

  • You want a larger home or structure

  • You don’t want your small home to have wheels

  • You want a home that can more easily get mortgage financing - while there a number of ways to finance a TruForm Tiny home, standard mortgage financing isn’t the easiest one

Continue reading below for TruForm Tiny reviews, company facts, photos of the mobile homes in action, and TruForm Tiny pricing and costs.

Company TruForm Tiny
Year Founded 2015
Website https://truformtiny.com/
# of Models 24+
Areas Served U.S. and Canada
Homes Built unknown
Headquarters Eugene, OR
Pricing $360 - $500 per sqft
Yelp No Reviews
Houzz No Reviews
Creates Custom Plans No