Michael Frank

The Little House on the Trailer Review

Michael Frank
The Little House on the Trailer Review

The Little House on the Trailer is a California based, prefab builder of Accessory Dwelling Units and Home Care Cottages. The housing units are built on a mobile carriages for easy placement as temporary housing, but are not meant for frequent travel and can only be moved by a mobile home transport company. Home Care Cottages are designed for situations in which a caretaker lives on-site in the unit or the patient lives in the unit on-site with a caretaker. The company assists buyers with home customization and planning, as well as the construction of the unit. Currently, they ship the units anywhere in California, but only provide site services to areas close to Petaluma.

The Little House on the Trailer website features 31+ models in cabin-esque or a more modern rectangular style, each unit ranging from 399 sq ft to 1493 sq ft. All homes layouts may be completely customized.


  • Good value - these homes are very inexpensive on a price per square basis compared to most prefab homes

  • Cheaper Permits - In applicable counties, permits are cheaper and expedited for Care Units, because they qualify as temporary housing.

  • Moving Assistance - They will assist with moving the house, setting up, and leveling on-site, as long as the site is within 2 hours of Petaluma.

Reasons they may not be for you:

  • If you live outside of California.

  • You are looking for a travel-ready tiny home

Read below for more information, including the company website, photos, reviews, or The Little House on the Trailer cost and pricing.

Company The Little House on the Trailer
Year Founded 2008
Website https://littlehouseonthetrailer.com
# of Models 31+
Areas Served Set-Up: Anywhere within 1 hour of Petaluma, Delivery: CA
Homes Built
Headquarters Petaluma, CA
Pricing $71 - $125 per sq ft
Yelp 1.5 Stars
Houzz No Reviews
Creates Custom Plans Yes