Michael Frank

TLC Modular Homes Review

Michael Frank
TLC Modular Homes Review

TLC Modular Homes is a Washington based modular home builder, specializing in Ranch, Cape Cod, and Lofted style homes at affordable prices. TLC Modular Homes helps with the planning, permits, and design of your house, as well as performing construction of your home off-site and coordinating final delivery. However, some on-site preparation (ex. foundation, utilities) and finishing work (ex. appliances, plumbing) are not included.

Most TLC Modular homes contain 2-3 modular pieces and their smaller units, called Little Lodges, only consist of one module. Lofted units may be purchased with an unfinished loft, leaving the finishing touches up to the owner. Commercial units, custom homes, and duplexes are also available for purchase.


  • Affordability - compared to many prefab and modular home builders, TLC prices are less expensive per sqft

  • Residential and Commercial Knowledge - TLC Modular Homes has experience developing commercial lots, including office buildings and medical centers.

Reasons They May Not Be For You:

  • You don’t live in the Northwest of the U.S.  - TLC Modular Homes currently only serves the Northwest region of the U.S. as there factory is based out of Goldendale, WA

  • Less modern look - compared to many prefab home companies, TLC homes have a decidedly less modern look to them

  • Less high-end - while this is customizable by the owner, the typical interior has a less high-end floor plan and set of appliances than other prefab homes

Read on to discover more information and facts about TLC Modular Homes, featuring photos of their ranch style homes, general info, and of course, TLC Modular Homes Cost and Pricing.

Company TLC Modular Homes
Year Founded 1999
Website https://www.tlcmodularhomes.com/
# of Models 26
Areas Served WA, OR, ID
Homes Built 100+
Headquarters Goldendale, WA
Pricing $130 - $200 per sq ft
Yelp No Reviews
Houzz No Reviews
Creates Custom Plans Yes