Michael Frank

Modular Homes and Prefab Homes Companies in Idaho

Michael Frank
Modular Homes and Prefab Homes Companies in Idaho

Idaho can be a tough state to build homes in because there is so much land variation depending on where you decide to live. Up in the Northern part of Idaho, the trees and mountain terrain can make it especially challenging. Fortunately, we have compiled a list of prefab home builders who serve residents of this state from Boise to Sun Valley and everywhere in between, and many of them also work in Canada, so you can be sure they are experienced with harsh weather and challenging sites.

Method Homes

  • Has 28 home models that mainly feature a boxy modern design.

  • All-in-cost: $300 - $400 per sqft


Zip Kit Homes

  • Offers 9 designs ranging in size from 400 sqft to over 2,400 sqft.  

  • All-in-cost: $180 - $230 per sqft



  • Has 13 models of homes including cabins, cottages, and contemporary home styles.

  • All-in-cost: $225 - $350 per sqft



  • Features 4 different models with 9 possible configurations, each with sustainable options such as solar panels, composting toilets, water catchment systems, and more.

  • All-in-cost: $400 - $450 per sqft



  • Has 14 models of one-story homes accented with outdoor patios and decks.

  • All-in-cost: $200 - $340 per sqft


Ma Modular

  • Offers 12 contemporary style homes, ranging in size from 550 sqft to 2300 sqft.

  • All-in-cost: $165 - $250 per sqft


Lindal Cedar Homes

  • Has a variety of home offerings ranging between 470 sqft and 6000+ sqft. Buyers can choose between 9 home styles or custom design their home from the bottom up.

  • All-in-cost: $450 - $550+ per sqft


Turkel Design

  • As well-known designer, Turkel has 11 models of beautifully designed and crafted luxury homes.

  • All-in-cost: $350 - $550+ per sqft


Truform Tiny

  • Offers 3 different models of customizable tiny homes on wheels.

  • All-in-cost: $600 - $800+ per sqft


Purcell Timber Frame Homes

  • Has over 51 models of homes all featuring a beautiful timber frame design, including bungalows, cottages, contemporary designs, and more.

  • All-in-cost: $300 - $350 per sq ft