Michael Frank

Lindal Cedar Homes Review

Michael Frank
Lindal Cedar Homes Review

Lindal Cedar Homes is a Seattle-based home builder that designs and constructs environmentally friendly prefab homes made from their signature Western Red Cedar wood. They help with the entire process from design to delivery and construction, though most of these tasks are executed by Lindal’s regional dealers. Their homes are prefabricated, but the construction and assembly takes place on site. Lindal also offers shipping anywhere in the world. Lindal’s 61 plans have impressive variety and a number of them were designed by well-known architects and firms including Turkel Designs and Marmol Radziner.

Lindal offers home plans within 9 different styles, and they also create custom plans to your specifications. Ranging in size from 470 sq ft to 6000+ sq ft, styles vary from more traditional styles to contemporary houses to classic homes to very small footprint homes


  • One Stop Shop  - Offers guidance and execution for the entire project - planning, design, financing, delivery, and the final construction.

  • Designs include plans created by well-known architects

  • Products can be shipped anywhere in the world.

  • Plans created for hills - unlike most prefab firms, Lindall has a number of plans specifically for sloped and non-flat lots

Reasons They May Not Be For You:

  • Price - homes in expensive markets are likely to be at least $450 per square foot

  • They do not use modular construction - there is no major disadvantage to this, but houses are mostly built on site

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Company Lindal Cedar
Year Founded 1945
Website https://lindal.com/
# of Models 71
Areas Served U.S. and Canada
Homes Built 50,000+
Headquarters Seattle, WA
Pricing $450 - $600+ per sqft
Yelp No Reviews
Houzz 5 stars
Creates Custom Plans Yes