Michael Frank

Colorado Modular Homes Review

Michael Frank
Colorado Modular Homes Review

Colorado Modular Homes is a prefab home builder that specializes in traditional home designs and smaller, vacation cabins. In addition to the Colorado Modular Homes brand, they also offer prefab and modular homes under the brands Rocky Mountain Home Builders and Colorado Cabin Company though they essentially operate as one entity.

Colorado Modular Homes and their associated brands offer a floorplans in a variety of sizes and designs. Their vacation cabins are all around 390 sqft in size, while their pre-designed homes range from 1,400 sqft - 2,500 sqft. And if you can’t find something that meets your exact needs, they can either modify the design or alternatively, create a fully custom design. It is also worth mentioning that Colorado Modular Homes assists customers throughout nearly every stage of the process. Where some companies only offer the shell of the home, Colorado Modular Homes can also provide interior finishes for their homes.


  • Homes are affordable compared to other custom builders

  • They work with buyers throughout the building process, including finishing the home

  • You are looking for a home with a rustic, cabin-like appearance


Reasons they might not be for you:

  • You live outside of Colorado

  • You want a contemporary or mid-century modern aesthetic

  • You want a home with standard plans that are 3,000 sqft or larger

To view more information, such as photos and Colorado Modular Homes ratings and reviews or to learn about Colorado Modular Homes cost and pricing, keep reading below.

Company Colorado Modular Homes
Year Founded 2005
Website http://comodularhomes.com/
# of Models 9
Areas Served Colorado (delivery to nearby states is project dependent)
Homes Built 70+
Headquarters Evergreen, CO
Pricing $200 - $300+
Yelp No reviews
Houzz No reviews
Creates Custom Plans Yes