Michael Frank

Stillwater Dwellings Review

Michael Frank
Stillwater Dwellings Review

Stillwater Dwellings is a luxury prefab home designer and builder, based out of Seattle. The houses they build come in 25+ standard plans that range in size from 750 sqft to well over 4,000 sqft. And because Stillwater acts as the architect and designer, every plan is highly customizable.


Aesthetically, most Stillwater Dwellings homes have a modern look to them with floor-to-ceiling windows, exterior wood beams, and asymmetric inwardly facing slanted roofs (these roofs are typically called “butterfly roofs”). Their trademark design elements include the sloping butterfly roof, floating steel front entry canopy and “wing and spine” floor plan configuration. These homes pay homage to the mid-century modern aesthetic originated by Frank Lloyd Wright.


Process-wise, Stillwater provides free site visits, guides homeowners through the permitting process, manages all aspects of design and engineering, and then educates and works with your contractor through the completion of the home to ensure it is built properly. Without modifications, one of their designs can be built in 6-8 months. With modifications, the process tends to take 12-14 months. 


  • Aesthetics

  • Environmental friendliness with sustainable builds and LEED Certified Architects

  • Highly customizable plans

  • Good in snowy areas - can handle snow load requirements up to $150 lbs


Reasons it might not be for you

  • You don’t like the modern, mid-century butterfly roofs

  • Price - as a luxury home builder, the all-in project cost, from site permitting to final built home can run $400-$500 per sqft excluding land.


Below you can see some more facts about Stillwater Dwellings, reviews and ratings from popular review sites, Stillwater Dwellings price and cost information, and photos of some of their homes.

Company Stillwater Dwellings
Year Founded 2008
Website http://stillwaterdwellings.com/
# of Models 26
Areas Served Nationwide, but most homes built have been on the West Coast
Homes Built 25+
Headquarters Seattle, WA
Pricing $350 - $450 per sqft
Yelp No Reviews
Houzz 5 stars
Creates Custom Plans Somewhat - all plans can be customized and modified