Michael Frank

Best Green and Sustainable Prefab and Modular Home Companies

Michael Frank
Best Green and Sustainable Prefab and Modular Home Companies

The central theme of prefab and modular homes is efficiency - quick manufacturing times, less material waste, and with increasing frequency, environmentally friendly designs. Given the nature of the prefab and modular home manufacturing process, homes are constructed in highly-controlled, off-site facilities and later shipped in components then assembled on site, the process is most effective when excess waste is limited to an absolute minimum. This allows for companies to build homes that are more environmentally friendly than traditional, site-built homes.

On top of the environmentally friendly building process for prefab and modular homes, a number of companies offer green designs. Many of these designs boost their sustainability through the use of passive solar, high-efficiency insulation or structural insulated panels, and high-tech, energy efficient appliances. It is possible to find prefab and modular homes that are designed as net zero or passive homes. Often, these homes also come PV solar compatible which allows buyers to further offset their energy consumption. Our list of the best prefab and modular home companies for green homes includes:

Go Home by Go Logic

  • Design and build homes to meet passive house standards - homes are 80% more energy efficient that code-compliant construction requirements

  • Utilize ultra high-performance windows and doors and super insulated walls and ceiling panels

  • Homes are available throughout New England

  • Offers 11 models of homes ranging in in cost from $225 - $ 350 per sqft

  • Example of work: 1,500

Living Homes

  • Home designs integrate energy efficient systems and healthier building materials to produce highly sustainable homes

  • A number of their past projects have been LEED Platinum certified

  • Their sustainable home designs are manufactured by their partner, Plant Prefab, which is dedicated to building environmentally friendly prefab homes

  • Offers 11 models of pre-designed homes as well as custom designs with typical costs ranging from $300 - $500+ per sqft

  • Example of work: RK 1.1

Acre Designs

  • Design and manufacture modern, net-zero homes that meet California’s 2020 net zero energy mandate

  • Utilize structural insulated panels and 5-10 volt PV solar arrays to offset energy consumption

  • Homes use zero energy and consume 70% less water than traditional site-built homes

  • Offer upgrades such as a smart climate control system and an EV charging station

  • Designs range in size from 1,200 to 3,000 sqft and costs usually between $250 - $450 per sqft

  • Example of work: Series A

acre netzero prefab home.jpg

Bone Structure

  • Design and manufacture net zero homes

  • Homes feature energy efficient designs with heavy-duty insulation and airtight construction

  • Homes are designed to easily integrate with features like a solar roofs or HVAC

  • Offers custom designs to maximize energy efficiency for the buyer’s specific location and lot

  • Homes cost between $400 - $500 per sqft

  • Example of work: 12-275

bone structure sustainable prefab.jpg

BrightBuilt Home

  • Design, Construct and install environmentally friendly, net zero homes

  • Most homes feature traditional designs such as farmhouse or New England Cape styles

  • Homes are designed to integrate with a PV solar system

  • Offer 9 standard designs with the option for custom designs

  • All-in cost typically ranges from $285 - $385 per sqft

  • Example of work: Appledore