Michael Frank

FabCab Review

Michael Frank
FabCab Review

FabCab is a Seattle based builder that focuses on building small and midsize sustainable prefab and modular homes. It makes two models of homes, the TimberCab which features SIPs (structural insulated panels) and timber frames and the ModCab which features SIPs without a timber frame. Each home comes in a variety of sizes. They range from small 550 sqft ADUs to 1400+ sqft 3-bedroom houses. Each of the homes has a modern aesthetic with an open floor plant, is a single story and has the slanted roof that slants from front to back.

FabCab cabins are designed and built and the are shipped to the site where a local builder completes the on-site construction. FabCab is highly committed to sustainability and this permeates the homes which are highly energy efficient and also the building process which puts emphasis on using recycled materials and limiting waste. FabCab also designs and builds custom prefab homes.



  • Attractive homes

  • ModCab homes are good value compared to other high end prefab builders

  • Energy efficiency


Reason they might not be for you:

  • You want a multi-story house

  • You want a houses that has 4 or more bedrooms

  • You are located outside of the pacific northwest


Keep reading to see specs and facts, learn about FabCab pricing and cost information, view reviews and ratings, and take-in photos of some of our favorite projects.

Company FabCab
Year Founded 2010
Website http://fabcab.com/
# of Models 5
Areas Served The Pacific Northwest of the United States
Homes Built 12+
Headquarters Seattle, WA
Pricing $230 - $350+ per sqft
Yelp No Reviews
Houzz 5 Stars
Creates Custom Plans Yes