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Bone Structure Review

Michael Frank
Bone Structure Review

Bone Structure is a home builder based out of Quebec and they service the Canadian market, as well as major hubs such in the U.S., such as the San Francisco Bay Area. They deliver turnkey homes to customers after managing all permits, design, installation, and construction work or they can also deliver shells.  Either way, Bone’s contribution is only the design, planning, and manufacturing, and someone from Bone’s builder network finishes the home. Bone Structure homes are designed to be net-zero, and they accomplish this using advanced insulation, energy efficient design, and an energy production system — all built on their signature steel frames, chosen because they are lightweight and able to be manufactured in-house before delivery.

All Bone Structure homes are fully customizable — the company doesn’t have standard plans, but “inspirations” for future projects. They complete projects of varying sizes, and even built a tiny modern children’s playhouse, but their “inspiration” model sizes typically range from 1425 sq ft to 3476 sq ft.


  • Sustainability - Steel support structure is 100% recyclable and homes are designed to be net-zero energy consumers.

  • Plenty of Space - Its is cheaper and easier to create long open archways and tall ceilings using steel, as there is a decreased need for load bearing walls.

  • Durability - Strong frame can withstand harsh weather conditions, as well as resist mold and rot.

  • Adept at building on challenging lots - Bone has lots of experience building in mountainous areas in Canada

Reasons they may not be for you:

  • High Price - homes start at $325 per square foot before land

  • Location - Bone’s builder network is not very developed in the U.S. outside of a few areas

To learn more, check below for more company facts and figures, photos of completed projects, and Bone Structure Cost and Pricing.

Company Bone Structure
Year Founded 2005
Website https://bonestructure.ca/en/
# of Models 12
Areas Served Canada, San Fransicso Area
Homes Built 300+
Headquarters Laval, QC
Pricing $400 - $500 per sq ft
Yelp No Reviews
Houzz 5 Stars
Creates Custom Plans Yes