Michael Frank

Cover Review

Michael Frank
Cover Review

Cover is a prefab home designer and builder based out of Los Angeles, specializing in custom-built ADUs for the Los Angeles area. For homeowners that are unsure where to start with their design, Cover has a tool that uses your address to suggest sample layouts for your exact location. Buyers choose from Cover’s selection of high quality materials and sleek design features to plan their custom space, whether it be a guest house, studio, gym, or something else. From there, Cover takes care of everything, from assembly to delivery and installation.

Using algorithms, engineers, architects, and designers, Cover delivers a contemporary small structure that is delicately crafted to meet the needs of the buyer and their location. The typical use case for cover structures is a backyard studio, in-law or rental unit, or office. With its contemporary style, rectangular shape, and smaller size, these units fit well within the city.


  • Customization - Every unit is custom built to the buyer’s specifications and needs.

  • Modern Design - Beautifully architected, each home features a clean, crisp white color with contemporary accents and style.

Reasons they may not be for you:

  • You are do not live within the delivery area of LA

  • You prefer a plug-n-play home design, with a pre-decided layout and features

  • You want a home bigger than an ADU (which is typically 1200 sqft or less)

Keep reading below for company facts, such as photos, third-party reviews, or Cover Cost and Pricing.

Company Cover
Year Founded 2014
Website https://www.cover.build/
# of Models 0
Areas Served Los Angeles, CA
Homes Built ??
Headquarters Gardena, CA
Pricing $300 - $400 per sq ft
Yelp No Reviews
Houzz No Reviews
Creates Custom Plans Yes