Michael Frank

The Best Prefab Cabins

Michael Frank
The Best Prefab Cabins

A prefab cabin can be a great choice for a cabin. Also sometime known as modular cabins, prefab cabins have a few notable advantages over standard completely site-built cabins.


  1. They are faster to build and can be designed, built and installed in as short as a few months

  2. Many models are more energy efficient allowing you to save hundreds or thousands per year in energy costs in cold climates

  3. They are lower maintenance


Here are our favorites:


2500 sq ft by Go Home

  • Beautiful New England farm home, built by Maine located company, so it can handle the snow

  • Can be built in Maine or the shell can be delivered and set up anywhere in the U.S.

  • If built in Maine, the cost will be $230 per sq ft

  • Passive house which means significant energy savings

GoHome 2500 Prefab Cabin - best prefab cabin


Caboose by Wheelhaus

  • 400 sq ft has 1 bedroom and an additional sleeping loft

  • The base price which includes appliances (but not shipping) is $118,500

  • Can be delivered anywhere in the U.S.

Caboos Prefab Cabin - best modular cabin


Deltec Solar Farmhouse

  • 2,000 sq ft

  • Shell price of $120k to $137k with a turneky range of $310k to $436k

  • Estimated annual energy savings of $1,221 (compared to an existing home of the same size built in 1990)

  • Can be delivered worldwide

Deltec Solar Farmhouse - best prefab cabins


Ridgeline 750 by Zip Kit Homes

  • 2 beds, 1 bath, 750 sq ft

  • The turnkey home generally costs between $160 and $200 per sq ft

  • Ships to the Western U.S.

Ridgeline 750, Best Prefab Cabins


Weehaus Barnhouse Medium

  • 2 beds, 2 baths,

  • Target cost of $200k

  • Can be delivered anywhere in the continental United States

Barnhouse Prefab Cabin