Matt Knigge

PrefabADU Review

Matt Knigge
PrefabADU Review

PrefabADU is a Bay Area based company that specializes in ADU homes. Their prefabricated homes come in 9 different floor plans with the additional option to modify the plans to your exact needs. PrefabADU is unique in the fact that they can customize the exterior of your ADU to match the aesthetics of your existing primary residence. Examples of facades that they can match range from standard siding to Spanish stucco and even modern stucco and wood exteriors.

It is worth noting that PrefabADU is a full service company meaning that they work with buyers every step of the way. From initial design consultations to manufacturing your ADU and even arranging the site work, instillation, and finishing of your home, Prefab ADU offers buyers assistance for as much or as little of the project as they would like. It is also worth noting that homes from PrefabADU come with a variety of finishes including cabinets, fixtures, and select appliances. 


  •  They offer a number of models with the option for custom exterior finishes

  • Can assist buyers in all aspects of the project

Reasons they might not be for you:

  • You are located outside of their Bay Area service area

  • Their prefab ADUs are outside of your price range

To view more information, such as photos and PrefabADU ratings and reviews or to learn about PrefabADU cost and pricing, keep reading below.

Company PrefabADU
Year Founded 2005
# of Models 9
Areas Served San Francisco Bay Area (planned expansion to include Southern CA in 2020)
Homes Built 190
Headquarters Fairfield, CA
Pricing $345 - $405 per sqft
Yelp 5 stars
Houzz No Reviews
Creates Custom Plans semi-custom